Released by: Katzenpuff Recordings

Released by: Katzenpuff Recordings

Released by: Katzenpuff Recordings

Released by: Swings Records

Release/catalogue number: SWG028
Release date: Jan 18, 2013

Jean Claude Ades & Daniel Falkenberg „Venezia“

Jean-Claude-Ades-&-Daniel-Falkenberg-Venezia_smallMarking the second collaborative project between Jean Claude Ades and Daniel Falkenberg, Swings Records proudly unveil their latest release, Venezia. Following their previous effort, We Are All Dancing (featuring the vocal talents of Yoav), the duo are back again with a beautifully crafted piece of deep house that combines their love of dancefloor-ready productions with their deep-seated love of all things musical.Label head JCA is well known for his adoration of the sultry end of the house spectrum, having established his passion for sensual, sophisticated dance music through his residency at Ibiza hangout LIO during the summer of 2012. While Daniel’s penchant for a sexier groove has become evident through his own solo productions, The Two Faces EP.

On this new EP, their creative juices combine to produce a delicious slice of deep house.

Full of zest and energy, the bassline throbs, oozing dancefloor appeal from the very beginning. Punchy beats accentuate the driving track as it captivates the listener, all the while underpinned by strings of an elegant violin, which adds a touch of class to proceedings. Both men have years of exeperience in the studio and it shows on this track, which is emotive yet primed for dancefloor destruction. A unique, and effective combination.

The original mix is accompanied by two stellar remixes from some hugely talented producers. First up is Brazilian Wehbba, who injects his experience into a funk-laden interpretation. He converts the bassline into a more rolling affair, tones down the snares a little and adds in a spine-tingling breakdown to work the track into his own pumped-up rework.

Finally, Linus produces a thicker set, chugging version with hypnotic use of high-pitched chords and the violin chopped up a little, interspersed throughout the track to add to the dramatics when needed.So there it is, Venezia, a warm, melodic take on deep house which retains that all important dancefloor vibe. A must for your record collection and a further demonstration of the potent force of Jean Claude Ades and Daniel Falkenberg.

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Released by: Swings Records
Release/catalogue number: SWG027
Release date: Sep 14, 2012

Daniel Falkenberg returns to Swings Records for his second outing on the label. After a fantastic debut with ‚We Are All Dancing‘ – a collaboration with label head Jean Claude Ades – Daniel goes solo for his brand new Two Faces EP, a perfect summation of his current leanings towards the deep house end of the spectrum. This new EP is comprised four tracks, all of which encompass a slick, professional approach both in terms of the production levels, attention to detail and the level of depth and emotion in each

composition.On the ‚Two Face‘ EP, Daniel demonstrates his deft touch with four great pieces of contemporary electronic music. With ‚Feel You‘ Falkenberg cultivates a dreamy, textured soundscape that revolves around a easy-going, though melodramatic bassline. Familiar use of soulful vocals helps to underpin the track and adds to its emotional depth, though the warm, airy synths give it a summery, almost buoyant feel in places.

‚Sharing Love‘ continues the mood of ‚Feel You‘ with emotive use of string instruments and ethereal synth work creating a hypnotic base over which he lays a male vocal. Again full of soul and depth, it echoes in and out of the instrumental, while at its core, the bassline rolls out subtly drawing you in and refusing to let go.

‚Inside You‘ picks up the pace a little, with old school sensibilities – particularly in its high-pitched bleeps that dance around the bouncing bass. The beats are tougher, yet there’s still a soft, sensitive side to the track as it urges you to “leave the past behind you”. Delicate synths exude a melancholy atmosphere throughout.

Finally, ‚Donnervögel‘ (German for thunderbird), plays the EP out in style. If the first three tracks were emotional, you haven’t heard anything yet. A spoken word sample plays out in the background as tribal percussion underpins an array of lush strings, that will give even the most heartless of listeners a lump in their throat. A fitting close to an accomplished EP.

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Label: Swings Records
Release planned: exclusive Beatport 05.03.12
19.03.12 iTunes

The label re-launches this year and Ades freshens up with his newest release, Jean Claude Ades & Daniel Falkenberg pres Yoav ‘We Are All Dancing’.

The track in question is a smooth house number with an infectious rolling bass line combined with melodic and uplifting vocals courtesy of Yaov, guaranteed to bring variety to any house set.

Shortly after Daniel Falkenberg heard Yoav’s sublime original he met Jean Claude in Berlin and it was there that they decided to team up to do a rework of ‘We All Are Dancing’. The pair, along with Sharam Jey on remix duties, have come together to deliver this powerful package, which includes two remixes, both of which bring warmth and originality to the single.

The vocalist Yoav is a world renowned singer-songwriter who’s worked with the likes of Joey Waronker (the producer and drummer for Thom Yorke), Beck, Smashing Pumpkins and R.E.M. Meanwhile the Sharam Jey remix is armed with deep bass lines, ready to destroy any dance floor it’s played on.

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